About Artist

Dennis Franzen
illustrator and storyboard artist
35 years as an illustrator starting as an apprentice at Phase II. Moved to Handelan Pedersen Studio for 2 years and from there, to GKZ Studios. Began freelancing career in 1988 and joined Edsey & Son in 1990. My work has been featured in the major motion picture ""The Package" with Gene Hackman and the show Chicago Fire. Works have been on billboards as well as national product campaigns. I started sculpting 21 years ago and created The Dennis Franzen Collection with Roman, Inc. Also created pieces for Bradford Exchange and Wild Wings. Pieces included wildlife, wizards and dragons, a Santa Claus series. Franzen, Ltd was established 11 years ago which allowed me to reproduce my own sculptures and bring them to the retail market. Other mediums include stained glass, abstract art, wall art, murals, wood burning, and prints. Work has won several awards. I look forward to continuing to expand my portfolio of artwork. Thank you for viewing my art.

Dennis's Storyboards