Jun 05, 2018
Paul Eberhardt

Animatics and Commercial Storyboard Production

At EdseyArt we are impassioned about storytelling. Our studio produces art focused on fully and precisely telling your story, to ultimately sell your idea. Our artists, designers, and editors collaboratively produce advertising and marketing visuals of highest integrity, with options to best suit your needs.

Our animatics studio brings commercial storyboards to life.

Our animatics studio adds animation to illustrated artwork so that your audience can experience the essence of a scene beyond the traditional commercial storyboard. When we further enhance the animation and time it to music and voice-over, producing a compelling yet efficient product for advertising presentations, marketing storyboards, internal communication, as well as test-marketing.

Boardomatics versus Animatics

The question is: how far beyond static frames do you need to take your storyboard?

Boardomatics are the simpler, quicker, and more cost-effective creation. They feature limited motion, essentially incorporating one simple movement per scene. Creatively employing frame fades with camera movement and zooms helps to imply action and momentum without extensive animation technology. When working numerous ideas within a tight deadline and/or budget, boardomatics are the ideal solution for vitalizing the essence of your idea or storyline.

Animatics are the more developed and refined version of boardomatics, communicating both the essence of your idea and the paced movement of a live action or full animation sequence. Because animatics are more complex with artistic and technical details, they require larger budgets—though still cost far less than full production. The increased complexity also entails further client-artist discussion and potentially more revisions, which equate to a longer creation timeline. If you have a bit more time and money, animatics are an extremely effective way to bring your commercial storyboard to life and sell your idea to a captive audience

Why care about the integrity of a preliminary form? Why do Storyboards and Comps matter?

As artists we know that idea creation is an involved process. Every step towards the final product is integral in gaining support, momentum, as well as refining its feel, its look, and its meaning. In fact, you might argue that a preliminary form is most important. Without active and compelling visuals, a brilliant idea might never find an audience, funding, or its fruition. We create both our boardamatics and animatics with that integrity always in mind. The more completely and efficiently we can tell your visual story, the more time, support, and money you have to allocate towards the final production.

Here is a scene that demonstrates the difference between Boardomatics and Animatics.